2018 House Page Application

If you are interested in serving as a House Page during the 2018 Session, please carefully review and complete the entire application. All applications must be fully complete to be considered for appointment to the House Page Program. A complete application is considered to include the following: 1) Complete original application with “wet” signatures, 2) Essay, and 3) Separate current color photo.

Complete applications should be sent directly to the Member who will be sponsoring the student for the Member’s signature. All Pages will be notified of their appointment week at least one week in advance.

NOTE: Essay and photo requirement are not a part of the online application. The generated application will include sections for writing your essay and attaching your photo.

Contact the House Page Office if you have any questions: 919-733-5701

If selected, would you need to stay with a host family?
Are you related to a Member of the North Carolina Legislature?
Have you ever served as a House Page?
Have you ever served as a Senate Page?

In addition to the application, program applicants are required to submit a short essay. Students should draft an essay that describes their interest in, and reasons for, applying to the House Page Program. Specifically, the essay should be limited to 200 words and thoroughly answer the question:

"Why do you wish to participate in the 2018 House Page Program?"


Each applicant must provide a current color photo on a separate sheet of paper with the application to be considered complete. The photo should be appropriate for use during an emergency and/or in conjunction with a press release (if applicable).